2021 saw the occurrence of the special edition of Salone del Mobile — the international fair of product design hosted in Milan — under the name of “supersalone”. For this occasion, Studio Folder took charge of the art direction of the visual identity, the communication campaign — both digital and physical in the city — as well as the Salone’s wayfinding system. 

The whole identity is generated through a series of variations and animations of the typography, inspired by Dot Pattern by Ray Eames. The dot motif references to the shadows of one of the chairs in her studio, the geometry of which when decontextualised becomes an alternate visual language. This compliments the logo characterised by the shapes of the FK Display font by Květoslav Bartoš, that has been transformed by integrating a system of geometrically dynamic voids and solids in order to create a fluid identity. This limited system of basic shapes and their ruled alterations allowed the Studio to generate a huge amount of variants, that nevertheless are able to communicate an inner coherence.