Venice's contemporary identity rests on a paradox: tourism. While vital for its economy, it's also the most detrimental force to its unique ecosystem. The city is morphing into a themed attraction, with Venetians reduced to paid extras. Tourists outnumber locals eightfold, wielding more influence. Are tourists the factual citizens of Venice? How can tourists be empowered to recognize their impact and contribute positively to Venice's vitality? The installation proposes six interventions to tweak the traditional gondola, altering its characteristic parts towards a hybrid mix that represents the absurdities of the Venetian touristic industry, in collaboration with Ocean Space (VE), and TBA21. A forcola selfie-stick, a souvenir magnet decorated prua, grandinavi ornaments, to name a few.
The project was ideated and developed with Tin Chavez and Theo Galliakis

  [Comprehensive publication that communicates the project’s research through interviews (to venetian tourist guides, gondoliers, inhabitants, gondola makers) photographs and bibliographic resources]

[︎︎︎Scheme of the installation]

[Construction of the visual identity of the project combining traditional venetian textiles pattern elements, adorned with floral motives and intricate gems, with trashy romantic icons of lovers holding hands, kissing, hugging]