WOM+B [2022]
Menstruators often face hygiene products unprepared, with their first significant encounter being menarche. Relying on the advice of adult figures makes it challenging to question the suitability of a particular product, as alternatives are rarely discussed. Understanding one's own body and finding the right fit requires awareness and experience. Pads, tampons, period underware cups, and sponges are still stigmatizedobjects that defy traditional market logic, being promoted through intimate conversations and trust. Trying it completely transformed my relationship with my period, providing information about the quantity and quality of menstrual blood, fostering a deeper connection with my body. The cup serves as a boundary object, bridging the individual and collective, catalyzing dialogue, empowerment, and sharing experiences. WOM+B represents the power of word-of-mouth communication, combined with the shared experience of menstruation. Through conversations with different menstruators, I used charts as a drawing tool to map our discussions, leaving a lasting impression.

[The project’s documentation comprises a series of 3d models generated in Grasshopper through parameters estabilished by conversations with men that had no idea what a menstrual cup is, or identified it with other objects (like pacifiers, bells) when presented with its image]