Amor vacui is a product design essay that aims to deconstruct the traditional notion of "emptiness" in order to re-evaluate it in relation to an approach to design that focuses on the interstitial aspects of objects. Appreciating what is not in the artefact itself, but rather what around it: the excess of its physical boundaries. That charged halo, carrying relationships, symbolism and character that would have been otherwise imperceptible. In Western culture, the adjective 'empty' often carries negative connotations, synonymous with 'lack' and 'absence' of content or meaning. Filling these gaps has become reflexive, understanding them as container spaces to be purposed. While emptiness can be bewildering, it also harbors the potential for unexpected discoveries. Removing explicit content highlights enclosing frames, unveiling emptiness's value by giving voice to overlooked life aspects. 

[Each chapter of the book opens with a foldout page containing a chart that serves as a synopsis]