MATITADA’ [2020]
Everyday objects might seem unremarkable, performing their functions seamlessly due to their familiar interfaces. Their actions have become second nature to us; consider how we effortlessly move a chair to sit or flick a light switch. But could these interfaces be more intricate than they seem, deeply ingrained in our behavior? Iconic objects, refined over centuries, speak volumes through their details, even if the communication isn't necessary anymore. This lack of expectation can lead to delightful surprises. In this context, an experiment was conducted using a universally familiar item: colored pencils. By intentionally avoiding conventional color cues, the pencils revealed a hidden secret. As they were sharpened, segments of different colors emerged, defying our expectations and making the act of sharpening unexpectedly intriguing. This experience prompted me to reflect on the notion of ordinary objects and how they can defy our assumptions in remarkable ways.