A perfomance created for the association Vispa Teresa, based in a newly born neighbourhood of Bolzano, Casanova. The act consisted of a literal linking of balconies to create social connections, lacking in the public spaces of the area. Inspired by an ancient folk tradition, born in the Veneto region (Italy) during the First World War, Filò stands for storytelling, sharing experiences and love for one's own territory. Fundamental values to reconnect to our local communities. The performance, which was generated for and with the inhabitants of Casanova, consists of building a giant spiderweb of police tape tied between the apartment blocks' balconies. The realisation process is in itself an expression of the project's purpose: the citizens found themselves in need of cooperating, communicating with each other to complete this intricate connection. Most of them did not knew their neighbours prior to the performance.

[Photographic documentation of the performance]