[Collection and classification of confetti, picked up in Venice at Carnival 2023]

    It feels good is an essay that looks closely at confetti through a series of dichotomies that characterise it and coexist in it. A thing which purpose is to be thrown away, which production consits rather of a process of destruction, which used to be harmful, and seems to have evolved into something harmless. An ontology of tossing is constructed from the Greek phyllobolia – extracted from the contemporary capitalist context – to the Italian Carnival festivities, ultimately landing in the contemporary. The present-day agency of confetti is questioned and regarded as a possible means of telling complex stories, deconstructing the notion of throwing away along three main actions: discarding, hoarding, and tossing. Observing confetti’s controversial, poetic, transient, bizarre, counter-productive, seemingly useless, chaotic, thingy existence.

[It feels good, publication ©2023, printed at Design Academy Eindhoven]

[Photographic research on confetti, Venice Carnival, 2023]